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How to get Traffic with an blog

Inbound links bring you traffic and boost your ranking!

One time I saw a blog that saying,

If you want to increase traffic… get links!

If you want to get high page rank … get links!!

Link, link, links!!!

Though that blog was written for general web sites owner, when it comes to blogging, nothing changes!

Strictly speaking, the amount of traffic coming from external links may be small compared to that of one coming from major search engines. But,it is highly targeted traffic and moreover it does increase your page rank. Thus, more traffic can be expected from search engines.

One may raise a question. “How many inbound links do I need?”

Sorry, it’s a wrong question. Quality of links matters,having many inbound links is not bad, though. If you have external inbound links from absolutely not related to your blog theme, the links are just junk. And if they are coming from the site which have lower page rank than your blog site, it doesn’t help you much. That said; quality matters.

One way to get inbound link is link exchange. You link to other sites and ask the owner of that site to link back to you. I don’t want to discourage you from doing link exchange, however, it is difficult and time consuming job. Whenever possible, try to get inbound links by doing link exchange. But you may put more effort to do other things yet more effective ones.

First, why getting inbound links by link exchange is difficult?

Most of web masters and bloggers know that they have to get inbound links from

• the web sites or blog sites that have similar themes as theirs

• those have higher page rank than theirs

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